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Ben Rauch Review Quotes

Single Room Occupancy – New York International Fringe Festival . “One of the top five shows to go see in the New York International Fringe Festival” –,

“The talent on display in Single Room Occupancy is bountiful…deliciously light-hearted and high-spirited….Ben Rauch is winning.”   NYTheatreNow,

“Ben Rauch is a talent worth experiencing…the entire cast is charming.”  – HY Reviews,

“A funny and talented cast, hot musicians…truly hilarious elements and a timely theme.”  – Hi! Drama

Emeraldman – NY Musical Theatre FestivalBy far the best part of this show is its lead, Ben Rauch, who is a rising star worth catching. Ben Rauch is a performer to keep an eye on.” – Hy Bender (Hy Reviews)

A Few Good Men –“Lieutenant Junior Grade Sam Weinberg was, in this reviewer’s opinion one of other joys of watching the Casa Mañana Theatre production of A Few Good Men. His work in the role, which so easily could have fallen into one-dimensional comic relief, was layered and held depth that the audience found a connection to. Rauch brought a sense of realism to Weinberg’s perspective of understanding exactly what the frustrations were about often being regarded as the ‘weak link’ in a world where physical perfection and strength were highly valued. Ben Rauch brought real humanity to a character struggling to rise above being caught in the shadow of the ‘All American boy’ Kaffee and real humanity to the bonds of friendship that Weinberg and Kaffee had formed despite that struggle.” –

A Few Good Men – Best reason to go: “Ben Rauch as Lt. Sam Weinberg. Like the underrated Kevin Pollak in the movie, Rauch makes fully dimensional a role that could be simply comic relief. But he has convictions as strong as any military person should.” – Star-telegram by Mark Lowry

People are Living There –Shorty is a dim bulb (when he’s sent to buy a birthday cake, he returns with a fruitcake), – NY Times

“Ben Rauch turns out an amazing performance as Shorty. He is so endearing that I almost began to care more about what happens to him than the main character” – NY

Miklat –“Deadpan funny” – The Miami Herald

Ben Rauch is delightfully funny as Eric, Mark’s waivering study buddy” – Palm Beach Daily News

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